Our Medical Reimbursement Specialists

Our team of Medical Reimbursement Specialists have the requisite knowledge and experience to deliver greater profits to your practice using our proprietary medical claims processing system, NSOURCE.  The HCPP national franchise system is a network of specialists who are proficient with:

Practice Management Analysis – To help you plan your cash flow requirements and help you determine your best practice operations,  HCPP develops and implements your customized revenue cycle management program

Insurance Contracting – To provide you with a huge edge in contract negotiations, credentialing and dispute resolutions

Medical Coding – Offering your practice accurate and in-depth knowledge, up-to-date coding changes including ICD-10, and correct sequencing of diagnostic and procedural code combinations to ensure maximum payments

Medical Billing – Your assigned biller has extensive training in claims processing, slow or short pay follow-up, and appeals tracking for accurate reimbursement

Information Technology (IT) – Your easy to use and state-of-the-art HCPP software solution is the platform that monitors, measures and collects your enhanced profits.

“HCPP enjoys one of the lowest employee attrition rates in our industry. We provide an environment that supports our staff to develop dynamic careers thus enabling us to retain and attract the best people in the industry”

HCPP Executives – The founders of Health Care Practice Partners (HCPP National, LLC. or HCPPN) are Martha Sutton and Barbara Hendon.  These dynamic leaders bring over 50 years of combined health care management experience to the franchise.  Prior to creating HCPPN, they were co-founders, directors and executive vice presidents of a privately held health care disease management (DM) company, AirLogix, Inc., which provided DM services to over 10 million covered health care lives.  (see Our Story)