Patient Privacy & Security

HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and the term is also frequently used to mean the many regulations, which have been published since 1996 under that law.  The HIPAA regulations, including the much-publicized Patient Privacy and Security regulations, are the latest in a long series of government efforts to regulate the health care industry.

HIPAA insists that any organization that stores or transmits patient information must take enterprise-wide steps to adhere to HIPAA’s sweeping privacy, security and transactions standards.  Essentially, HIPAA requires health care entities to ensure that they protect personal health information and the privacy rights of patients.

Under HIPAA’s Privacy Rule, HCPP falls under the extension of Business Associate.  A Business Associate is any person(s) or entity, which performs a function or activity on behalf of a Covered Entity and involves the use or disclosure of Protected Health Information.

HCPP is very serious about compliances and have undertaken various steps and designed our processes to ensure the same.  Our entire network is very secure.  All clients’ office records are kept behind a secure firewall and all electronic claims are securely encrypted for transmission.  Your privacy and security are given the highest priority.