I’m over 50 years old!  I’ve worked night shift, weekends and holidays during my many years employed at a large hospital.  I also started and sold a business that grew to over 200 employees, had venture capital partners, and required an enormous amount of overhead and operating capital.  So recently, when I decided to purchase another business, I had some pretty strict criteria:

  • No more weekends, nights or holidays!
  • No large staffing requirement!
  • No large overhead or cash flow requirement!
  • And absolutely no venture capital partners!

I also decided I was too old to learn a totally different industry such as food service, but I was a good business person with service industry background and could manage just about any business. Even if it meant hiring expertise in some of the technical functions that might be needed.   I also preferred to purchase an existing business so that I would have immediate income, or that I would purchase a franchised business for the proven business model, brand, training and support.

Because one of my criteria was no nights, weekends or holidays, I decided that a business to business franchise opportunity (B2B) was probably my best option.  If my customers were the general public, then I would need to be available when most of them were off work.   If my customers were other businesses or professionals, then it was likely that my office hours would be Monday-Friday during the day.

Having a B2B franchise service also meant that I would probably be going to my customers’ office rather than them coming to me.  Selling a service to other businesses or professionals was more appealing than being at the mercy of the general public to walk into my place of business.   And, if I was going to them, there may not be construction or “build-out” requirements that would necessitate additional capital or financing.  Sure, I may have to do some build-out, but I wanted to do it on my budget.

If you are looking for a franchise to invest not only your money, but your time and energy, consider a Business to Business franchise.  You may get every weekend and holiday off!!