“Besides doctors, many professionals in the healthcare industry make great money – from pharmaceutical sales people and scientists to medical printing companies and publishers. When you hear about medical billing opportunities it’s easy to see easy dollar signs. As with any other business venture, the Golden Rule of “look before you leap” applies to medical billing opportunities. Unlike some work-from-home schemes such as envelope stuffing, there are many legitimate medical billing franchises.”(read the article HERE)

This is an interesting article that deserves further investigation.  I have tried to contact “truth in franchising” with no success.  I wonder which medical billing franchise they are referring to since I can’t seem to find any true registered medical billing franchises except for Health Care Practice Partners.  And since we just started franchising, I know they aren’t referring to us.

There are many, many medical billing licensing companies, and there is a huge difference between the two.  For a trademark license to not be a franchise you must eliminate all of the following from the relationship: control (except minimum control necessary to maintain the trademark), assistance, marketing plan, and continued financial interest (as defined by case law).

So if you know everything there is to know about practice management and medical billing and coding, you probably should be looking for a trademark license agreement.  But, be very careful in knowing that with a license, you may not get the assistance and support you need to operate your business.  When you purchase a true franchise, you will receive the support and assistance necessary to grow a successful business.