Healthcare quality measure now derives largely from a single crucial factor:  patient experience.  Gauging practice success depends more and more on the full range of your patients’ ease of interaction and feelings of satisfaction throughout their visits at your office–and beyond.

A patient experience goes well beyond the office visit.

Naturally, the expertise of the main practitioner remains crucial.  Your patients must continue to receive the top-notch treatment you provide at your practice, year after year, reliably and dependably.

But patient experience goes further, to include the office staff, the billing and insurance issues, the business end of health care delivery.

It begins with making the appointment and having office personnel who understand the importance of customer service, clear instructions, and proper information gathering.

With time of the essence for both you and your patients, there’s no room for confusion and miscommunication.  Let your patients come in to the office already prepared for the highest quality care they can receive.

Clarity gives them peace of mind, a positive attitude toward your practice, the ability to trust you and the care you provide.

Undoubtedly, the lifeblood of any medical practice is continuous patient referrals.  Make it easy for your patients to refer you to friends and family–let them have a patient experience they wish to repeat and share.

After the office visit, the patient must interact with the billing department or the billing company.

It may not be possible to overemphasize the importance of billing personnel/patient interaction and the necessity of patients’ satisfaction with money and insurance dealings.

Not only must patients trust the practitioners’ expertise, but also–almost equally important–patients must trust the financial aspects of the practice.  Paperwork is not much fun for anyone…that goes double for someone who has to do a mountain of it just to obtain a simple outcome–to feel better and to keep feeling better.

Patients are often confused and frustrated by the billing and insurance process.

And it’s no secret that a huge cost of running a practice is the billing and paperwork handling.  It creates real logjams in the entire process, compromising patient care and affecting all other aspects of the practice.

Frustration with the encumbrance of billing paperwork is a widespread condition.  Add to that the standard health care protocols which often involve saying “No” to patients.  What if you could say “Yes” to them more?

For example, what if your practice was not so consumed with billing and paperwork?  What if conditions were such that all staff could focus fully on providing top quality interactions with your valuable patients?

Free up the resources you and your patients deserve for their health and wellness, the continuity and success of your practice.  Position yourself for the long term outlook in health care.

Having the right practice management company overseeing the business components of the practice can ensure a positive patient experience.