Medical Billing and Practice Management

Your practice can enjoy the opportunity to provide quality patient care with the peace of mind that HCPP will fulfill the responsibility of implementing your customized super bill/charge ticket (the DocuBill®), claims processing, and collecting all monies due your practice for medical services rendered.

When you choose HCPP as your revenue cycle management partner, we do substantially everything for you. After the DocuBill® is finalized, the work begins for HCPP. All you need to do is forward a copy of the completed DocuBill® along with the patient registration form (if needed) to us. We will begin the reimbursement process and when payments come in, you simply keep the check and give us a copy of the EOB.

Our experienced staff aggressively follows up on all insurance claims until the claim is reconciled. Eighty percent of all payor payments are received within 30 days of the date of service. We mail patient statements immediately after posting their insurance payment (daily statement generation typically improves collection time by more than 10 days). Our easy-to-read statement clearly communicates to the patient the amount they owe and the reason why. The HCPP staff professionally fields all calls from patients and any patient that has an outstanding balance greater than 30 days receives a call from our office staff.

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