Medical Coding

We understand that medical coding for correct payment is one of the most important processes in revenue cycle management. Accuracy is essential to reduce denials and generate more revenue for your practice. One of main reasons for a claim denial is medical coding errors and to prevent these, we have a team of experienced medical coders. Their precision and in-depth knowledge, along with correct sequencing of diagnostic and procedural code combinations, ensure maximum payments.

Our experienced and well-trained coders are proficient in the following medical coding guidelines:

  • ICD-9 and ICD-10, CPT-4 & HCPCS coding
  • Handling chart audits and code reviews
  • Handling payor specific coding requirements

Precision and accuracy in our medical coding methodology produces consistency and eliminates the risk of errors. Every step included in the process is accomplished with perfection to ensure that an accurate and error free claim is submitted to the insurance carriers the first time.

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