Medical Revenue Recovery

At HCPP we undertake the recovery of old accounts receivable (A/R). If your practice has accumulated, unresolved A/R, perhaps due to the lack of proper follow-up either from in-house billing or from another medical billing company, you stand to lose a substantial amount of money. One of the major problems faced by providers, is that a large portion of rejected/denied claims go unattended and are never reprocessed. HCPP’s revenue recovery system will uncover and resolve the problems which led to rejection/denials, consequently shortening the A/R revenue cycle. The process establishes a trend between individual payor codes and common rejection/denial reason codes, which reveals billing and coding weaknesses, thus reducing future rejection/denials.

For claims that are denied and need to be appealed, appeal letters are prepared and sent along with supporting documents for processing.

Calls are made to patients to obtain missing demographics, insurance information, and to discuss outstanding balances. Each patient account is tracked and followed up by our experienced staff until the payment is received or resolved.

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