Physician Credentialing & Contracting

HCPP provides physician credentialing and contracting services as your first step to successful revenue cycle management. Without proper enrollment and contracting, payments can be delayed or refused by the insurance carriers. Our tailor-made physician credentialing program facilitates your payor enrollment process when you:

  • Begin your first practice
  • Change from one practice to another
  • Add a new physician to your existing group
  • Want to become a network provider

The following processes are implemented as part of our physician credentialing & contracting services:

  • Prepare CMS 855 & other Managed Care applications
  • Implement new provider affiliations and group contracts
  • Resolve enrollment issues and track Managed Care contracts
  • Obtain contracted fee schedules and negotiate changes
  • Prepare contracting documents
  • Manage all re-credentialing

Your most important step to increased profits begins with contract comprehension, fee schedule design, and successful payment negotiations. HCPP administers this complicated task.

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