Practice Management Modules

HCPP’s Internet Practice Management Software provides you with the following modules:

The Patient Registration module keeps all the demographic information you need at your fingertips. You can enter patient information, setup unlimited insurance plans, scan and attach insurance cards, driver’s licenses and patient photo’s. It also allows you to document detailed patient notes, scan and attach information such as referral and medical record information.

The Electronic Eligibility Verification module allows you to instantly verify insurance benefits with more than 200 payors. You can customize this function to do electronic batch checks on patient coverage between one and seven days before the appointment, eliminating time spent manually checking insurance information patient by patient.

The Appointment module allows you to quickly set appointments, search for the next available time slot, block off meetings or reserve time for particular appointment reasons. The scheduler allows you to customize time increments, page views and color coding. You can schedule, edit or cancel single or recurring appointments, and track patients from arrival to check out. The system allows you to create wait lists for appointment slots and enter co-payments as well.

The Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) module updates patient accounts instantly, reflecting approved amounts, deductibles, coinsurance portions, and payments. Claims are automatically assigned to secondary or guarantor responsibility for further processing. Remittance information is sent electronically one day after insurance adjudication which allows HCPP to rework under-paid or rejected/denied claims before payments are received, drastically reducing your A/R days.

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