Practice Management Reports

The HCPP management mantra is “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.

We offer comprehensive and customizable practice management reports and analysis tools that allow you to make sound decisions for your practice, as well as easily run your daily operations. All of the data you need to measure and manage can be compiled in a matter of seconds.

Our Reporting module generates hundreds of reports, based on specific data you select from almost any field within the system. Standard daily, weekly, and monthly reports are vital to your practice operation and the more extensive reports, such as scheduling efficiency, payor reimbursement, and outstanding accounts receivable will help you plan your practice management. All of these reports are created in PDF format, which can be printed or saved on your computer for easy referencing.

Our Analysis module allows you to clearly understand complex data by viewing reports in bar graphs and pie charts. All of the appointment, diagnosis, CPT codes, and insurance and transaction information entered into the system can be crafted into colorful, easy-to-read charts with the click of the mouse.

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