Are you in the market to start a business of your own? If so, why not buy into a franchise. Everything is pretty much set up. You just have to put up a certain amount of money and confirm to the franchise requirements as set forth by the franchisor. However, there is a catch to this. You may have an idea what franchise to go into, but how does the franchisor feel about you?

Just what does a franchisor look for in a potential franchisee? If you want to be awarded a franchise you are interested in, you do have to fit certain franchise requirements. Some of the important criteria that a franchisor looks for include:

1. Good communication skills

If you are to run a franchise, you must have good communication skills. This is one big franchise requirement. You must be able to communicate effectively with people you work with including your customers. If you are to be successful, you must develop a relationship with your customers. This is how you can sell to them. And this process involves effective communication.

2. Learning ability

Are you able to learn and operate a system of processes?  Even in an industry you have never worked before?  The franchisor has is a proven system you should follow to be successful.  The system has worked for years, and you must learn it and manage your franchise according to the operations manual.

3. Enough starting capital

You will not be awarded a franchise if you don’t have enough starting capital. It doesn’t matter the franchise, or how flexible the franchise requirements are, if you don’t have enough starting capital, you can forget it. The franchisor won’t give you the money. You need the capital to pay for start up costs and marketing costs to build and grow your business.

If you want to be awarded a franchise, you have to meet certain franchise requirements. The franchisor wants to see if you are highly motivated and if you have a strong desire to succeed in the business. They want to see if you have the confidence and personality for sales and marketing of your franchise services.  And, they want you to be so successful, that you are the next Franchisee of the Year award winner!