Why partner with HCPP?  The answer is simple.

Your Revenue Cycle Management needs proper attention.  It involves credentialing, contracting, medical coding, documentation, claims processing, and accounts receivable follow-up.

Partnering with HCPP for profit enhancement enables you to focus on the critical care of your patients.  As a result, the cash flow and profits of your practice are continually monitored and maximized.

Partnering with HCPP for your practice management allows you to save time and money because every minute that you or your employees spend on an activity that does not directly add value to the patient’s well-being is a cost that can be saved.

Your custom designed ProfitPath® is the single most powerful tool you have in accelerating your cash flow, reducing expenses and increasing profits.

With Heath Care Practice Partners there are no hidden costs.  Our fees are based on payments collected for services your practice renders.

You are always in control of your practice with HCPP’s Internet-based practice management system.