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Premium Services in Revenue Cycle Management:
Medical Billing, Coding,
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HCPP's Medical Revenue Services

Health Care Practice Partners (HCPP) provides sound and efficient medical revenue services. Our revenue cycle specialists have a reputation for enhancing profits and medical reimbursement.

Services for Success

Your first step to successful revenue cycle management starts with physician credentialing and contracting.

Stay Ahead

HCPP‘s technology solutions are for modern-day medical practitioners.

Reduce Denials & Errors, Increase Profits & Efficiency

  • We are an accredited medical billing company following strict patient privacy guidelines and security management outcomes
  • HCPP is the single most powerful partnership you have in accelerating your cash flow and increasing profits


The HCPP staff is on the phone whenever we have a question. Your personal touch allows me and the staff to give just that kind of attention to our patients. The software support is great, and we are taking full advantage of the appointment module. The reporting module gives us a complete picture of the practice.

- Diagnostic Lab

Tucson Arizona

Working with the staff of HCPP has been a truly positive experience. Their teamwork approach with our office staff was above and beyond what we expected. Our income has increased, overhead costs have decreased, denials have gone down, and I have more time to focus my attention on other important practice management issues. The integration of the HCPP Claims Scrubber has helped tremendously with missing modifiers, incorrect ages, and visit codes our claims are much cleaner, and we get paid faster.

- Pain Clinic

Austin, Texas

I have found HCPP to be efficient, accurate, and trustworthy. Having confidence in my revenue cycle manager takes a huge weight off my shoulders. In addition, they are polite and friendly. Trustworthy AND polite…a winning combination. They not only file fast and accurately, but they doggedly go after payments with appeals and phone calls when needed.

- Anesthesiology Group

Sierra Vista, Arizona

HCPP has been a great partner. They are professional, courteous and always willing to help solve problems or answer questions. They have brought us new ideas and technology, they have listened to our ideas and they have taken action. The result has been a significant increase in cash flow. If a practice is looking for a solution to their practice management concerns, this is definitely the way to go.

- Internal Medicine Practice

Scottsdale, Arizona

I signed with HCPP, and it was the best business decision I could have made for my practice. With the billing and receivables portion of the practice in the hands of seasoned revenue cycle managers, my employees and I am able to focus on our patients. I look forward to our continued partnership with HCPP and confidently recommend them to any physician or group that knows their practice can achieve a higher level of patient care and an increased bottom line.

- Neurology Practice

Dallas, Texas